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Estimating electrical work sometime takes hours. This Installation includes EMT electrical conduit in a plant for 3 phase power machinery and compressors. The connections were made by use of cord dropped twist-lock receptacles and plugs, type power supply.

Electric Power Transformer Disconnect Panels

Residential Electrical Wiring Panel Upgrade 

This residential job required a main electric service upgrade. This electrical work included a feeder, panel, electric meter base, riser, grounding electrode with rods, and a new single phase powered breaker panel box. 

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Commercial Electric Conduit Installer
Main Amp Volt Circuit Breaker Panel Box Atlanta
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We spend most of our time working with electricity in Atlanta. Installing systems may take hours or days. Starting out, the boxes are installed, by careful measuring for their locations. Next the cable holes and conduits are installed, for the circuits. Following the cable hole boring and conduit bending, the cables and conductors are installed. What is utmost important is that the proper ground wires are installed. Succeeding that, the connections are carefully made. The next step, the continuity test is performed to make sure that there are no short circuits. Before the last step, the correct sized over current protection is installed. Once the electrical paths are ready, the applicable voltage applied, to each circuit. These are a few basic steps that we perform, in our process of installing a residential and commercial electrical wiring system. In addition to that, something existing wiring have to be replaced or repaired. It may include your branch circuits, feeder, or main service entrance equipment. There are many ways that electricity loss may occur. It could result from old wiring, a fallen tree, defected circuit breaker, over heated light fixtures, and worn outlets. At some rate, these outcomes may steer you into having the need for service. There are qualified electricians are in Atlanta, call us today.  Electrical wiring components are easy to install, when you follow reliable instructions. Wiring instructions can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have the least doubt, contact an excellent electrician in Atlanta. Select Mr. Wise Electric from the multiple choices to get guaranteed electrical wiring service. Lets explore the many component, such as circuits, outlets, switches, lights, breakers, and current protection devices together.      

Commercial Electrical Conduit Trough 

The conduit that are entering the trough are installed in order to supply enough branch circuit lighting and receptacle amperage to the building. The main power source originates from main circuit breaker panels A, B, and C, which are 3 phase.

Industrial Electrical Panel Transformer Work

These circuit breaker panels were installed to provide power to the production lines. They are connected to a step down transformer, in order to reduce the voltage drop. The primary rating is 480 volts, which is converted to 120/208 volts for the secondary power circuits.

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Residential Electric Meter Main Breaker Disconnect Switch

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Residential Main Circuit Breaker Panel With Arch-fault Circuit Interrupter Type breakers

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