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How to avoid circuit overloading is a question that we frequently receive. Many circuit overloads may occur due to excess use of wattage. Too many watts could be accumulated many times when extra heat producing things are used. Some of the heat producing items may include portable space heaters, hair curlers, hair irons, coffee makers, toasters, and several different types of appliances. Others may include electric tools, such as lawn blowers, weed eaters, and some electric motorized equipment. There are others that could be identified. It's relatively simple to calculate wattage. An easy way is to read the label, nameplate, and or tag. Usually they may be found attached to the item, where it shows the maximum electricity requirement. To calculate wattage, you'd just add the watts of the stuff to be used together. If it exceeds your circuit breaker amps, then you should not use all of them at the same time. At any rate, I firmly recommend that 80% of a circuit capacity should not be exceeded. For example, for a 15 amp circuit 1440 watts should be the maximum. For a 20 amp circuit 1920 watts should be the maximum. Circuit breakers amperage rating could be readily found on it's handle, when you open your panel box door. Find locally, electrical wiring contractors to assess, install, and repair circuitry. With circuits in mind, call us when you need a dedicated circuit for air conditioners, heaters, and other high amp load wiring.  

You have found an electrician in Atlanta who has the background and education in electrical construction and maintenance. Commercial and residential wiring has been an essential part of our experience. Whether you need conductors pulled through conduit or cables pulled within the framing, we've installed thousands of miles of it. Experience electrical professionals are what we strive to prove at every job. We perform electrical estimating, installations, inspections, assessments, and code compliance wiring and repairs, in the Atlanta community. Electricians for the tough jobs are not hard to find. Whether it's commercial or residential electrical lighting, outlets, switches, equipment, conductors, or electric power company down wires, Mr. Wise Electric estimating is concise. Searching for complex hidden electrical problems require in depth skills in circuit tracing, rewiring, replacing, and retrofitting. Mr. Wise Electric has a background in electrical automation, smart devices, computer network, digital wiring controllers, and ancient wiring. Suppose you need a simple electrical job done in a flash, you could call many excellent Atlanta electricians. We'd prefer that you'll consider us. 

Today's electricity, unlike that of previous time is combined with technology. Current technology such as digital controllers are common. They are featured in mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops. The capabilities within the features give you the more control over remote devices. Some of the devices are smart light switches, thermostats, cameras, doorbells, security systems, and lighting. Many of these digital controllable units can be added to your existing electrical wiring, without the extra cost of rewiring.Mr. Wise Electric offers smart wiring in the Atlanta area. Team up with our electricians and let us help you to implement your digital device, within your electrical system.  Installation estimates are available daily. Atlanta has excellent electricians and contractors, who offer reasonable prices, during odd business hours.        

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Electrical questions, electrical work, electrical installation, and work rates  every wiring job is completed by electrical contractors is different, and each has its unique challenges. The collective experience of our electricians is so broad that they're equipped to handle any challenge that could possibly pop up on the job site.

Whether you have us wiring an entire building from scratch or need an electrical repair of existing work in your home, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with Mr. Wise Electric to every job. We've worked with several customers and are a highly sought after wiring contractor for commercial jobs ranging from the huge to the boutique.

Our residential track record is just as impressive. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers whose trust we've earned with quality work and the highest levels of professionalism.

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There is something about electrical wiring estimates that is informative and may be useful. When searching for the right electrician to perform wiring, the way the pricing process works is very important. There are a variety of ways and methods that electrical contractors use, in order to generate a price. Normally, it may depend own the unique relationship between the technician and the customer. Basically, the process sometimes seems like have special made clothing made. 

Unless it's a service call flat rate or and hourly rate, there estimating method could be simply based on the experience of the master electrician. For new construction, many prices are generated, based on the square footage of the building. It's still common for the cost to be produce, by charging by the quantity of outlets, switches, light fixtures, dedicated circuits, circuit breaker panel amps, voltage, motors, pump, circuit length, type of protection devices, height, and other equipment, such as appliances.

These are some common methods. They are sometimes use in combinations, with each other. For instance, for normal electrical code requirements, the estimator may charge based on the square footage. Along with that, recessed fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers, special appliances, dedicated circuits, pumps, air conditioning and heating circuits, cooking equipment, arch-fault circuit interrupter and ground-fault circuit interrupter circuits, sign wiring, parking lot and yard lighting, sub-panels, motors, transformers, doorbell systems, security lights, and IT and communication systems could be priced individually. 

Even though it may not be highly spoken of, there are a few ways to negotiate for a lower price. Many contractors consider organization, cleanliness, and information availability. Beginning as prepared with the provisions that you are furnishing makes it easier for contractors and subcontractors to focus on performance and safety. These considerations could give you the leverage that you may need, in order to get a lower starting price.   

This estimation information was made available, for the purpose to help the layperson get an idea of how some estimating processes may work. Perhaps this presentation could make it easier to prepare.   

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How is the electrical contractor wiring relevant to other trades business? Circuitry normally runs through the inside of walls, attics, crawlspaces, underground, and sometimes it's mounted on interior and exterior surfaces. Even though it could be easily forgotten, circuits connect lots of other stuff. Often one may think of light switches, light fixtures, and receptacles when electricity comes to mind. It has something to do with more stuff, like appliances, equipment, motors, pumps, and transformers. You get the idea. 

Without the electric power supply, a variety of things won't be functional. Although their running inside of just about all walls seems to be plenty, wiring connect many outlets inside and in close proximity of cabinetry. If it was not a type of energy that is needed, I'd ask it to stay away from me. But we depend on it too many purposes. In additional to workspace lighting, dedicated circuitry seems to take part in other trades. Often it's the reason for inspection delays, because without it, some equipment can't be tested.


For plumbing, it's needed to power appliances, such as water heaters, dishwashers, waste disposals, pumps, and many other items. Air conditioning and heating equipment, such as air handlers, heat pumps, condensation pumps, and conventional air conditioners and furnaces need it for the finish product to come to life. Another one of many requirements is receptacles. These outlets are required to be installed along bathrooms, kitchens, and bar counter tops for safety. Many times cabinets are not finished until electricity is installed inside of them, because the appliances and other electrical stuff may be located inside them. This may explain why sometimes electricians can be the first contractors to arrive, but can often be the last of the trades people to finish the job.         

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